Public Speaking (2021)

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Date: 2021-01-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC
Tags: lecture, talks

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

We love to share our knowledge. These are just some the public events we have spoken at over the years

  • White Arkitekter Making sense 2016
  • RIBAJ Innovations in Architecture lecture and seminar May 2016
  • Parametric Massing for Effective City Design, Chairman NLA London, 2014.
  • Henderson Colloquium, Cambridge 2014 - invited participant and presentation on ‘The Spaghetti problem’
  • Institution of Civil Engineers, London, public lecture - Design skills for the digital age.
  • eCAADe conference, Newcastle, public lecture - Populating surfaces with holes using particle repulsion based on scalar fields.
  • AOC Mumbai, public lecture - Computational Design.
  • ZEZEZE Architecture Gallery, Tel Aviv, public lecture - Computer based design and manufacture.
  • Prototyping Architecture conference, London - TRADA Pavilion – Searching for Innovation and Elegance in Complex Forms Supported by Physical and Software Prototyping.
  • Den Kloke Tegning (The Smart Drawing) conference, Oslo, public lecture- Computational Design.
  • Oxford Brookes University, public lecture - Structuring Architecture.
  • TU Delft University, public lecture - Computational Design techniques
  • University of Texas, public lecture - Structural Complexity