Trada Pavilion (2012)

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Client: Trada
designer: Ramboll Computational Design
Location: Coventry & London

Date: 2012-05-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC
Tags: London, shell, tpi mesh, timber, dynamic.relaxation

Trada Pavilion

The TRADA pavilion was commissioned as a showcase for the beauty and versatility of timber and as a functioning trade fair stand at the 2012 Timber Exposition.

It takes the form of a double curved thin shell structure where the shape and the decomposition of the surface into panels was generated using our in-house research into automatic optimisation of shell forms and planar mesh generation. The latter panelisation technique had never before been applied to a structure. Its stability relied upon a reciprocal hinged joint, which had little or no history within the context of solid thin shells. In addition to these technical challenges the pavilion had to be built within a strict timescale and within a limited budget.

We believe it met that criteria with an appearance which is functionally simple, appropriate and beautiful. The Trada pavilion was completed whilst at Ramboll.