One under Lime canopy (2013)

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Client: Lloyds of London
Architect, Engineer: RCD/Mule
Location: London

Date: 2013-09-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC
Tags: United Kingdom, public, inflatable, digital, fabrication

One under Lime canopy

Our client’s brief was extend the use of the public terrace at the foot of the listed London landmark building with a shelter which could be quickly deployed in the event of bad weather. Our response was an inflatable ‘Cloud’ which could be packed away in a small case and brought out when required.

The canopy, a deliberately contrary notion of clouds protecting the public from inclement weather, could be hooked to the concrete frame of the building and to the iconic stainless steel ventilation ducts via bespoke fixings and then be inflated within 30 minutes. Hidden internal lighting would slowly change the colour of the Cloud at night, the glow seemingly emanating from the depths of the structure.

The PVC inflatable built upon the expertise gained on our Arts Alliance structure and required a great deal of physical testing as well as expertise in generative 3d modelling. This project was completed whilst the Format team were working at Ramboll.