On-Greening pavilion (2014)

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Client: OnGreening
designer: Ramboll Computational Design/OnGreening
Location: EcoBuild, London

Date: 2014-03-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC
Tags: London, timber, form finding, shell, active, bending, geodesic

On-Greening pavilion

A Ramboll project

OnGreening are new and revolutionary online information resource for sustainable building. In 2013 they commissioned the RCD team at Ramboll to design a pavilion for their launch at the EcoBuild exhibition in London. The central funnel and lattice shell form were inspired by the RCD team’s previous experiments in practical grid shell construction and digital fabrication.

The double curved surface was automatically generated by in-house dynamic relaxation techniques using the boundary conditions of the trade stand. Thin (6mm) plywood structural elements or ‘active bending’ members due to their prestressed form, were then generated from geodesic lines seeded from selected points on the surface which then wrap around the shell. These were restrained by secondary lathes of equally thin timber.

As well as design and full structural analysis our role also encompassed advice on digital fabrication and assistance on site.