Three Quays (2014)

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Client: Cheval Group
architect: 3D Reid
Location: London

Date: 2014-03-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC
Tags: London, residential, concrete, groundworks, archaeology

Three Quays

A Ramboll project

Three Quays is a £100m ultra high quality residential and serviced apartment development on the banks of the River Thames in a prominent and complex site next to the Tower of London. With over 4000 years of London occupation the foundation scheme had to be carefully planned to allow construction to proceed around the archaeology. The sequence of basement demolition and then re-construction immediately next to the Thames River wall was a particular challenge, made greater by the requirement to design the basement for ship impact.

Our scheme for the 11 storey high frame was a thin post-tensioned concrete flat slab that facilitated a rapid programme and low cost whilst giving a high degree of acoustic separation between flats and a flexible distribution of services. In order to free up space at ground floor reinforced transfer beams and walking columns were introduced. Their impact on the usable space was mitigated by a creative and stringent appraisal of the structure.