Lost Theory Festival (2016)

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Client: The Lost Theory festival
Architect: Hylemo
Location: Guarda, Spain

Date: 2016-08-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC
Tags: Spain, public, festival, canopy, timber, Grasshopper, 3d

Lost Theory Festival

For 2016 The Lost Theory dance festival chose a new site near Guarda in Central Spain and specified a canopy that could host a dance floor and shade 3000 people. Working with Architects Hylemo the resulting tree like forms comprise the largest timber pavilion ever built at a festival. Four splayed, palm like trees radiate out from narrow bases to meet at the roof in a pattern inspired by sacred geometry and medieval architecture. The structure is six metres tall and 400m2 on plan and constructed entirely from CNC cut plywood sheets some of which overlap to make wider and stronger beams. The roof plate is more CNC cut timber but which is thin enough to be bent into place and then secured by the main vaulted timber members. Solid roof plates act as horizontal stiffeners for the structure. The quick design and production programme was made possible by our skill in 3d modelling and optimisation.