Dream Machine (2018)

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Client: Mamou-Mani Architects
Architect: Mamou-Mani Architects
Location: Old Street, London, UK

Date: 2018-12-12 00:00:00 +0000 UTC
Tags: 3d-printing, furniture, glass, desk, re-use

Dream Machine

We worked with the team at Mamou-Mani to create this desk that combines a clean glass working surface with 3d-printed structures and an old lift motor from this former gramaphone factory.

Format’s work was in minimising the glass overall thickness, creating the hidden glass detailing and working on all connections between the different material elements.

Project Credits: Mamou-Mani Architects (Arthur Mamou-Mani, Maialen Calleja, Ayham Kabbani, Ping-Hsiang Chen, Aditya Bhosle, Vicky Yao) FabPub (Aishe Kokoshi Sandy Kwan) Format Engineering (Stephen Melville, James Solly, Sarah Andreussi) Gpad (Danny Shafrir, Grahem Winestone) AJC Metals (Ronald Brown) Future Glass (Gareth Philips) Property One Lights (Mark Fillingham) Bespoke Leather Ltd (Damien Mourat-Delort) ICM George

Photos (c)NAARO