The Temple of Tokamak (2019)

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Client: The Borderland
Architect: Annie Locke Scherer, Birk Granberg
Location: Hedeland, Denmark

Date: 2019-07-22 00:00:00 +0000 UTC
Tags: Public art, timber, sculpture

The Temple of Tokamak

Format provided initial structural input & guidance on the concept design, then wind assessments and early-stage analysis for this permanent installation built by a team of awesome volunteers for Borderlands 2019.

For further details on the project please see the following page:

Photographs are by Annie Locke Scherer, Jakob Sköte & Bonnie Krantz as credited when the full-size image is viewed.


Temple crew: Jonathan Raffin, Arturo Escudero, Absalof, Hampus Bremberg, Martin Andersson, Bonnie Krantz, Yasmina Debbagh, Jonas Klausen, Cecilia Johansson, Linus Hagberg, Hugi Ásgeirsson, Jakob Sköte, Hanakin Henrikssom, Konrad Leffler, Colin O’Keefe, James Solly, Luis Orozco, Alex Larsen

This project was fully funded by Borderland Dream Grants and pre-fabricated at Blivande makerspace in Stockholm, Sweden