Tower of Varieties (2019)

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Client: Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre
Artist: Rachel Champion
Location: Birmingham, UK

Date: 2019-11-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC
Tags: art, timber, scaffolding, aluminium, rigging

Tower of Varieties

Tower of Varieties is the winning installation for the foyer of the Birmingham Hippodrome in honour of the 120th birthday of the building in 2019 by the artist Rachael Champion. The viewer can visually climb this work of art made of different layers featuring the textures of multiple buildings and places of Birmingham. Using Rachael Champion words ‘The installation is comprised of twelve sculptures, representing the twelve decades of the Hippodrome’s existence. Each sculpture is covered in digital imagery of a unique architectural cladding or material from a renowned building located in Birmingham. The imagery will reflect a range of architectural styles found throughout the city from buildings that have been realised during the past 120 years.’

Our role was that of Structural Engineers working the balance of the centre of mass of the whole structure and of the twelve sculptures. Format Engineers provided advice on adjusting the geometry to achieve a favourable location and it also suggested specification on materials, section sizes and connections.

All photographs by Rachael Champion