Sand Waves & Pixel Gate (2019)

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Client: Designlab Experience
Architect: StudioPrecht & Mamou-Mani Ltd
Location: AlBujairi, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Date: 2019-11-23 00:00:00 +0000 UTC
Tags: art, 3d printing, installation

Sand Waves & Pixel Gate

Designers Chris Precht (of Studio Precht) and Arthur Mamou-Mani (Mamou-Mani Ltd) collaborated on this pair of installations for client Designlab Experience for the cultural event Diriyah Season held at Al Bujairi Heritage Park, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Both installations were 3d-printed but using different methodologies

The Sand Waves installation was printed using a “Furan-Direct-Binding” method where Furan Resin is printed into sequentially-laid layers of sand to create specifically bound regions. This let us optimise the lattive arrangement and member sizes to give optimal material distribution for self-weight and wind loading.

The Pixel Gate installation was printed using a standard extrusion-based printing method, utilising compostable PLA (as done for the Conifera installation previously). The member sizes and directions for the pixels were optimised, giving three types of pixel to place where local forces required them.

We were structural engineers for the project from concept to completion, working on both optimised material distributions as well as support systems and foundations.

Pictures are provided by Roberto Conte, Mamou-Mani and Studio Precht