Hekkholmen Shell (2020)

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Client: SPINN Arkitekter
Architect: SPINN Arkitekter
Location: Hekkholmen, Norway

Date: 2020-10-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC
Tags: timber, shell

Hekkholmen Shell

The kayak cabin at Hekkholmen in southern Norway continues our development of planar thin timber panel shell structures with local Architects SPINN Arkitekter. The cabin is larger in plan area and thinner than our widely published shells in Hammerfest, https://formatengineers.com/projects/hammerfest-cabins.html/

The shelter has been fabricated from solid timber panels on a computer controlled 5 axis router and held together with screwed dowel connections to allow for a simple construction without having to use expensive plant and to allow the client to to build it himself with inexperienced labour.

The pattern of the simple flat solid timber elements is created using in-house scripts and panelisation techniques we pioneered on the Trada pavilion in 2012 and then on the Hammerfest cabins. This allows six sided flat panels to follow a double curved surface and keeps the number of expensive connections to a minimum. The anticlastic shape, a necessity of the storage requirements, led to a more complex pattern than precious schemes and an overhaul of the connection design. Extensive use of parametric design tools simplified and integrated the design process, from efficient shape generation to panelisation to final screw pattern into one seamless operation.

All photos by SPINN Arkitekter

Project Team

- Client:Spinn Arkitekter
- Architect:Spinn Arkitekter
- Fabrication: Self-Build