Foundation Lafayette Surface Horizon (2021)

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Client: Marguerite Humeau
Artist: Marguerite Humeau
Location: Paris, France

Date: 2021-08-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC
Tags: Public art, sculpture, steel, stainless steel

Foundation Lafayette Surface Horizon

We were asked by Paris gallery Foundation Lafayette to assist with the Structural Engineering of two art installations in 2021’s Surface Horizon exhibition. The installations were by the Artist Marguerite Humeau and were placed on movable platforms within the recently refurbished building by OMA.

The Lafayette Anticipations Foundation invited Marguerite Humeau and Jean-Marie Appriou to imagine an original project that extends from the facade and the interior courtyard to all the exhibition spaces. Inspired by the building’s unique architecture, the two artists have created an odyssey in the form of a new kind of garden. Through several scenes evoking catastrophe, renewal, truce, cosmic times or otherworldly places, the scenario of the exhibition Surface Horizon, imagined by Marguerite Humeau, takes the form of a walk in which the visitor encounters these evocative landscapes. Composed of plants, greenhouses, sculptures and the presence of individuals gifted with “extrasensory” perceptions, this experience invites us to think about future worlds and to heal the present one. The exhibition is inspired by the ground and all the visible and invisible interactions that run through it, as well as the potentials it holds.

Format Engineers SAS carried out the full design of the underlying steel frames within a very tight timescale whilst adhering to the essence of the artists vision.

All photos Julia Andréone