English National Ballet (2021)

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Client: Brilliant Stages
Set Designer: Tim Yip
Location: London, UK

Date: 2021-09-23 00:00:00 +0000 UTC
Tags: Public art, sculpture, steel, timber

English National Ballet

Format performed the engineering design of a series of custom stage flats for the English National Ballet’s production “Creature” by Akram Khan, with set designed by Tim Yip. We designed them in cooperation with client Brilliant Stages who fabricated and supplied this element of the set. The walls are designed to appear like a rough wooden shack with boards that collapse from the walls as part of the ballet. The flats had to be designed for normal staging transportation and rigging limits but additionally with limited structural elements behind the collapsable regions.

“Tim Yip’s set, a vast wooden shack denuded of any human comfort, creates a stark, disquieting atmosphere, which builds up to a fearsome finale” - CultureWhisper

Photo Copyrights:

  • 1 - Brilliant Stages
  • 2 - Tristram Kenton
  • 3,4 & Background - Laurent Liotardo