Circadian (2021)

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Client: Almacantar
Artist: Lee Simmons
Location: London, UK

Date: 2021-09-25 00:00:00 +0000 UTC
Tags: Public art, sculpture, steel, timber


Circadian is an 11m tall installation by artist Lee Simmons. The piece is located on a prominent and very public site opposite London’s Marble Arch.

The structure is composed of 10mm and 5mm thick laser cut stainless steel plate which sweeps from pavement level outwards and upwards in a fashion echoing natural phenomena. The very thin plate and filigree Voronoi patterns were a particular challenge to analyse and refine as were consideration of vehicular impact and public interaction. The structure is characterised by a real attention to detail, even the semi hidden bolts in the splice connections were bespoke and their spacing automatically varied via computational techniques for greater structural efficiency and hence less embodied material.

Our role included full Structural Engineering design from early concept to completion, geometry modelling, fabrication model production and oversight via the Principle Designer role.

Project Video

'Circadian © Lee Simmons