Bicupola Pavilion (2021)

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Client: Eden Arc
Architect: Piercy+Co with Material Architecture Lab
Location: London, UK

Date: 2021-12-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC
Tags: commerical, timber, aluminium, freeform

Bicupola Pavilion

Designed to cover an outdoor meeting room for a office fit out in central London, the curved form of the Bicupola also provides a sculptural focal point on the 7th floor terrace.

The Bicupola is formed from a grid of CNC cut plywood frames that span to four ballasted feet. This framework is edged with a CNC cut iroko edge beam to control the overall curved form, and clad internally with stained marine plywood. The external cladding is abraded raw aluminium to provide a durable and attractive finish.

Format worked with Material Architecture Lab and Piercy & Co on the concept development and initial studies of the pavilion, working to incorporate fabricator feedback into the Stage 3 design and assisting with the tender process. Following award of the project to Cake Industries, Format performed a supporting and advisory role as the project progressed to completion.

All images © Cake Industries

Project Team

- Client:Overbury
- Architect:Piercy+Co with Material Architecture Lab
- Concept/Scheme Structural Design: Format Engineers
- Detailed Structural Design: Cake Engineering
- Fabrication Geometry Definition: Mule Studio
- Construction Design, Fabrication and Installation: Cake Industries