Holbourne Park bridge (2022)

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Client: Confidential
Structural Engineer: Format Engineers
Location: Bath, United Kingdom

Date: 2022-01-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC
Tags: Steel, Bridge, Digital Design, Parametric Design, CNC

Holbourne Park bridge

The Holborne Park bridge is one of a number of proposed footbridges which will allow the eastern suburbs of Bath to link to the city centre without encountering traffic for cyclists and pedestrians. This particular bridge was proposed as a joint venture between the local authority and a neighbouring private developer. The structure spans over the historic Kennet and Avon canal within a very constricted site.

The bridge structure is that of a classic arch but with the stainless steel parapet plate acting as the primary structural members. The plate is perforated in accordance with the level of stress. A higher peak stress equates to smaller and less frequent holes. In this way the appearance of the bridge is lightened and it becomes a direct embodiment of its mechanical behaviour. Stainless steel is used throughout to minimise long term maintenance.