The Body Space (2022)

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Client: Mugler
Designer: Random Studio
Location: London, UK

Date: 2022-11-09 00:00:00 +0000 UTC
Tags: Timber, Installation, CNC

The Body Space

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Mugler’s scent Angel, Random Studio created a pop-up that blended fragrance and fashion at the Cornershop in London’s Selfridges, taking inspiration from the designer’s exaggerated and empowering take on the female form.

Seen from the street, the sculptural installation formed an abstract side view of a woman elegantly reclining. The curves, crevices and folds of the body are rendered in a reflective material that mirrors the viewer’s gaze.

The pop-up launched on the 9th of November at the Corner Shop in Selfridges London and was on view to the public from 10th November until December 3rd.

Fabricator Xylotek were selected to form the proposed parts from a largely-timber construction. The proposed methdology was to create hollow forms from stacked MDF with cutting patterns selected to minimise material waste. Format provided structural engineering and detailing support to the project and assisted with the approvals process.

The hope is that the pieces will be re-installed in Bristol in the near future.

All photos © Random Studio

Project Team

- Client:Mugler
- Designer:Random Studio
- Fabricator: Xylotek
- Immersive Audio: Spatial
- Photographer: Jasper Fry

Project Video:

Video © Random Studio