Elan Media (2023)

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Client: Elan Group
Architects: Rainlight Studios
Location: Lusail, Qatar

Date: 2023-03-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC
Tags: Structure, Facade, Steel, Digital Design, Parametric Design, Geometry

Elan Media

Format Engineers worked closely with designers/Architects Rainlight/HOK Architects on the Structural and Facade engineering concept, schematic and detailed design of a family of tall and slender digital sign boards near to and along the main central boulevard of Lusail, Qatar. The structures were commissioned by local developers Elan Media and are to be in operation immediately prior to World Cup 2022.

The largest of the family is the Gateway Totem. Three of these are to be built, each 13m tall and 4 wide. Our collaboration included the development of a parametric 3d model to simplify the double curved facade into simpler developable strips and exploitation of efficient structural arrangement for the inner primary frame using techniques such as topology optimisation. Both these resulted in considerable savings in cost. Every element of the structure, the facade, facade patternation and fixings were modelled in 3d for tender.

Project Video:

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