Published Research (2021)

Date: 2021-01-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC
Tags: research, paper, conference

Published Research


  • Solly, J. Coreless Filament Winding: From Academia to Practice In: Design Transactions Rethinking Information Modelling for a New Material Age Edited by Bob Sheil, Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen, Martin Tamke, and Sean Hanna


  • Houck, L., Dodson, J., Melville, S., Pearson, W., Thiis, T. 2019. The process of rocking CLT into a HOT cabin In: ICSA 2019, 4th International Conference on Structures and Architecture, 24-26 July 2019, Lisbon.


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  • Nielsen, T., Melville, S., Sproat, I. 2014. Populating surfaces with holes using particle repulsion based on scalar fields. In: Proceedings of the CAADe conference 2014, Northumbria.

  • Building Magazine article - Wonders and Blunders


  • Melville, S., Harding, J., Lewis, H., 2013. TRADA Pavilion - Searching for Innovation and Elegance in Complex Forms Supported by Physical and Software Prototyping. In: Prototyping Architecture: The Conference Papers, Building Centre Trust, London, ISBN 10 – 0-901919-17-9, 2013

  • Shepherd, P. and Pearson, W., 2013. Topology optimisation of algorithmically generated space frames. In: Proceedings of the IASS Symposium 2013, 23-27 September 2013, Wroclaw.


  • Building Design magazine online - Stephen Melville wrote a article each week for a year on a chosen subject.


  • The Essence of Engineering - AJ publications.

  • Building Design magazine online - Stephen Melville wrote a article each week for a year on a chosen subject.

  • CLOG Magazine, NYC - work of Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)